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It is often assumed that a children’s play area is a safe haven where no one will ever be hurt, but actually they are areas where children learn, grow and develop new skills in an area where the risk can, to some extent be managed, but never completely eliminated. Individual children develop differently, make unrealistic assessments and will at times be over confident.

by David Hills and Mary Tebb of the Dorset Orthopaedic Company

In this article, Jackie Dean, Clinical Director at N-Able Services and with over 30 years of experience in preparing Occupational Therapy and Care Reports considers the need for the Care Expert to be actively working in their area of expertise in order to advise the Court adequately. She also considers the need to explore corroborating evidence in the context of daily life and bias within the injured party and those examining them. She notes that whilst there remains the need to consider exaggeration and malingering, there should be equal consideration of understatement and subtle problems that are not immediately obvious in order to avoid under-compensation

b y Alex French of Alex French Associates Ltd

When considering the design for disabled accommodation, a building surveyor acting as an Expert Witness should have a good understanding of Approved Document M of the Building Regulations (Document M), which covers ‘access to and use of’ domestic, public and commercial dwellings for disabled people.

Luxury hotels are among the best-known brands in the world. But do you really know who you are booking with? Can you always rely on that luxury hotel brand when things go wrong and is five-star luxury all that it seems from the online marketing and glossy brochures?


• Expert Witness in Cultural, Religious & Ethnic issues in Litigation

• Expert Witness in GP Clinical Negligence

• Author, Transcultural Medicine; dealing with patients from different Cultures, Religions and Ethnicities

Everybody has standards that they work to, whether they realise it or not. With the introduction of ISO 45001 this year, the issue of standards is againin the news and people are asking which standards are right for them.

After officially retiring from the profession nearly 20years ago, Miles Emblin returned as an insurance expert witness.The broking legend tells Louise Meeson why his career has still got a few miles in it yet.

Expert Witness, Richard Allitt BSc FICE CEng CEnv of Richard Allitt Associates explains the importance of a methodical approach in identifying the root causes of flooding.

A recent Upper Tribunal decision has emphasised the importance of the independence of expert witnesses reflecting, if stopping short of adopting, the position in the courts, where the evidence of an expert acting under a contingency fee will only very rarely be considered (Gardiner & Theobald LLP v Jackson).

by Dr Bashir Qureshi MBBS, FRCGP, FRCPCH, AFOM-RCP, Hon FFSRH-RCOG, Hon FRSPH, Hon MAPHA-USA. Author of Transcultural Medicine, dealing with patients from different Cultures. Expert Witness in Cultural, Religious & Ethnic Issues in Litigation.

by Mr Nikhil Shah, Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon