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Medico-Legal Project Management

Medico Legal

by J W Rodney Peyton, OBE

Medico-Legal project management is the application of project management principles in practices to enhance the delivery of medico-legal services. One of the biggest facets is risk management, remembering that any risk event may positively or negatively impact the delivery of the legal process.

In general project management there is the PERIL (Project Evaluation Risk Information Library) database. At Peyton Medico-Legal Services we have worked with legal groups to produce a similar database of key medico-legal risks which include:-

• Scope of practice

• Legal Project Management Regulatory Compliance

• Reputation Insurance Coverage

• Client expectation

• Time management

• Cost management

• Internal expertise and capabilities

• External expert advisers

We utilise this database when helping lawyers manage positive or negative risk to make their practice faster, more effective and more efficient, benefiting their clients and their own bottom line.

One of the ways to streamline medico-legal practice, particularly in regard to medical negligence/malpractice, is to have a preliminary screening of the case as MDU figures for 2018 show that less than one in six actions in medical negligence actually succeed with the vast majority failing on the grounds of causation. It must be remembered that subsequence is not the same as consequence.

Initial screening is therefore essential to manage client expectations at an early stage. This avoids unnecessary effort and costs for all concerned. Too many cases are taken to Court with no real chance of success. This is stressful for the client, their legal advisor and indeed for the medical personnel involved.

Find out how we at Peyton Medico-Legal can help you project manage the risks associated with your practice. Contact us now on 028 8772 4177 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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