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The sky is the limit in Laird Languages. As an almost independent entity within Laird Expert, it has steadily grown into a major facilitator in the interpretation and translation industry

(Also known as semi-permanent makeup, micropigmentation, cosmetic tattooing and microblading) and medical tattooing are procedures where pigment is tattooed into the skin for a long lasting cosmetic effect.

Specialist in restorative dentistry, with over 20 years as an Expert Witness with a specific interest in dental negligence litigation claims, Toby Talbot shares his professional experience by way of guidance for those of you searching for the right expert witness

by Joanna Beazley Richards MSc.

The study of psychological trauma has been accompanied by an explosion of knowledge about how experience shapes the central nervous system and the sense of the self. Developments in the neurosciences, developmental psychopathology and information processing have contributed to our understanding of how brain function is shaped by experience and that life itself can continually transform perception and biology. The study of psychological trauma has probably been the single most fertile area in helping to develop a deeper understanding of the relationship among the emotional, cognitive, social and biological forces that shape human functioning.

by Hugh Koch & Paul Elson, Chartered Psychologists Hugh Koch Associates, Cheltenham,UK

by Professor Upendra Mohan Chowdhary

Eddie Lamptey, Expert Witness on Disability Accommodation for Cowan Architects, argues that we must not define people by their abilities or disabilities but rather help them to normalise their lives through sophisticated adaptations in their living environment.

by Martin Burns - Head of ADR Research and Development (RICS)


The domestic cleaning market in the UK is estimated to be worth nearly £3 billion, with more than 2.45 million households using some form of paid assistance in their home1 It is highly likely that these figures seriously underestimate the true extent of the breadth of the market

By Angus Ramsay